5 Amazing Hacks To Make Your Long Distance Move Stress-Free

Sometimes when a good opportunity presents itself, it requires that you make some sacrifices like moving long distance. This kind of change tends to require more planning than a normal move. This is because you may be going to a new country or state. You have to find an affordable moving company that can allow you to move all your things safely and easily. You also have to learn more about your new environment like where you will take your kids for schooling and many other things. Here are some amazing long-distance moving hacks from moving companies in St. Louis, MO to make the experience stress free:

1. Have an Elaborate Plan

Planning is always the cornerstone of a lot of successful people or projects. That includes a long distance move. When planning the move, you are going to factor in a lot of things to help make the experience as smooth as possible. It’s advisable that you write everything down so that you can have a checklist of the things that ought to be done to make the move a success. Know which day you are going to look for the moving service. As you do so, have a list of things you want in a moving service.


2. Be on Schedule

After you have made the plans, you need to stick with them. You should ensure that you remain on schedule and avoid doing things last minute. You can begin packing a few weeks or months before the actual moving date. If the move requires that you book a train or plane ticket, make sure that you do that that a few days before the actual moving date. In addition, sort everything out with the moving company before you use their service. This ensures that any issues that may arise within that window period are fixed before the planned moving date. Being on schedule also ensures that work is done within the required time.

3. Look Around

There is a tendency by most people to choose the first moving company that they see online, or their friends recommend to them. Don’t do this since you can miss out on a pretty good deal. When planning a long distance move, it is good that you look around at the various options available to you. The process may take a while, and that’s why you have to prepare a moving schedule and stick with it. You can decide on one weekend to go shop around at what different movers offer. If the results are unsatisfactory, use another weekend for this task. By the end of your search, you should have shortlisted at least three moving companies.

4. Keep your Documents in order

If you have to move outside your country, you might need a passport or a medical certificate. Furthermore, you may also have to update your driving license. You may also have to update your address. Before you make the long distance move, make sure that you’ve done efficient research on the type of information that you may need to change. Then, get all the required documents in order.

5. Take what’s Necessary

A long-distance move might present the perfect opportunity for you to start over. This means that you may have to leave some things behind. You may have to sell the clothes that you rarely wear or donate them to charity. Hold a garage sale to offload some of your furniture and antique items. Furthermore, getting rid of some stuff can actually reduce the cost of moving.



The above are 5 hacks that you can use to make your long distance move as fun and as efficient as possible. Hopefully, you enjoy living at your new home.

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