About Us

Paul’s Movers Houston is a full service moving and professional organization company.

Full-Service Moving & Organization

We streamline your move by helping you tackle every step of the process. Our professional organizers and packers help you declutter your home before the move. We’ll work with you to sort through all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, paring it down to the things you need and regularly use. Need help donating your undesired items? Our moving crew can pick up the stuff in your “donation” pile and take it to a charity of your choosing. Then, our team works diligently with you to help you get your “keep” items wrapped and packed into boxes for transportation to your new home. After a safe delivery by our movers, our organizers will get back to work, helping you set up and organize your new home. Instead of spending weeks laboring over your move, our team expedites the process, getting the whole thing done in just a matter of days, so you can get on with your life!

Pick the Services You Want

Working on a tight budget? Not to worry! We know that end-to-end moving services are not something that works with everyone’s finances. While we offer full-service moves, we also allow customers to choose just the services they need, to make it compatible with relocation budgets of any size. Want just organizers to help you unpack boxes at your new home? We can do that! Just need a crew to load your items and transport them to your new home? We can arrange for that too! Give our team a call, and one of our relocation specialists will work with you to create a moving plan customized to your needs.

Moves Across Houston, Texas, and Nationwide

Paul’s Movers Houston serves the entire Houston metropolitan area. Additionally, we also providing moving services to and from Houston, from other parts of Texas. We can also help you if you’re moving into or out of the Lone Star State. Whatever you’re moving and wherever you’re going, our team is here to help you get the job done!

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