7 Tricks Professional Organizers Use to Declutter a Home

Clutter seems to be an unfortunate fact of life. Decluttering your home may seem like an overwhelming task. You may wonder if it’s worth it to clear out the mess. If you are getting ready to move, it is the ideal time to get rid of unnecessary belongings. By using these 7 tips and tricks that professional organizers do, you may be able to live clutter-free in no time!


1. Have Set Goals

Before you begin, you need to know what you want your end result to look like. Do you need to clear out some closets? Make your desk more functional? Have more organized kitchen cupboards? Your list should have clear goals.

2. Use the “Four-Box-Method”

You will need a way to sort through your belongings. Your 4 boxes will be:

  • Keep
  • Donate/Sell
  • Throw Away
  • Put in Storage

Examples of things to put in storage would be seasonal clothing or keepsakes you do not want to part with. According to The Spruce, the “keep” box should have the least amount of stuff in it. That is because if an item is cluttering up your closets or other spaces, you probably aren’t using it very often. Considering donating things you rarely use. If you are struggling to find things to donate, Forbes recommends forcing yourself to pick one thing NOW. You just need one thing to start off your donate box.

3. Check if it Works

You may be surprised at how many things in your closets don’t even work anymore. Check to see if that old VCR, flashlight, or pen works before deciding to keep it.

4. Start Small

If you want to declutter an entire room, start with one corner of it. By being able to see your progress, you will motivate yourself to keep working. Business Insider explains why it is important not to expect to be able to get your whole home organized at once.

5. Track What You Use

Think about it, when was the last time you wore that shirt? Or played that board game? If you haven’t used something in at least a year, it can go. With clothes, one trick is to turn all of the hangers one way and switch things when you use them. Unworn items at the end of one year can be donated.

6. Keep Like Things Together

Whether you are tidying your home or packing to move it, keep like things with like. Come up with categories like “stationary” or “tools” and stick with them.


7. Sleep On It

If you are someone worries they will regret getting rid of things, promise yourself you will sleep on all decisions. Live Science explains that overthinking can actually make your decision-making abilities worse. If you still feel okay about getting rid of something after you’ve slept, odds are you won’t regret it later.

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